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Lime Washed

Our lime washed oak collection was inspired by sand swept beaches and coastal cliffs. The bleached and weathered appearance of the flooring is a timeless style, adding a touch of rugged elegance to urban and coastal homes alike.

Baw Baw

Diamond Bay

French Grey

Lake Montauk

Mentone Bay

Mornington Mist

Port Augusta

Ricketts Reef

Sorrento Sandhill

White Hill

Lime Wash finish was originally inspired from the Sand Swept beaches and Coastal Cliff’s. Traditionally associated with Coastal Homes and Nautical modeled residences, over the past decade, Lime Wash has gone through somewhat of a renaissance in the design world.

It is now selected, installed and featuring in modern urban homes, as well as still having a strong presence in coastal design.

Do you want to pick lime washed oak for your floors? Here are some ways to accentuate it to make your home look fabulous.

Lime washing has long been used as a treatment for wooden floors. At first, it was used to protect the wood. But soon people began to appreciate its bleached and weathered appearance. You can see lime washed floors in homes located near the lakes and along the coastal areas, but now quite a few urban dwellings have opted for lime wash oak flooring as well.

Interior Design Tips

  1. The neutral look of lime wash oak floors gives you a great deal of leeway when it comes to decorating any room or area in your house. You can go for Traditional, Rustic, or even modern Contemporary designs.
  2. The lighter shade of this flooring means that it can hide dust and dirt much better than darker wood flooring. Still, it’s a good idea to have a high quality doormat for inside and outside the house, so that most of the grime can be removed from shoes before people step on your flooring.
  3. If you have a preference for bold colors for your furnishings and room accessories, it’s a good idea to continue the predominant neutral vibe of your flooring with your choice of wall colors. You can pick any shade of grey, along with brown, from black brown to beige. Just make sure that the color of the wall doesn’t match the exact color of the floor. It should be at least 2 shades lighter or 2 shades darker.
  4. In some cases, your oak floor may have some cool undertones. If that’s the case, you may want to use cool colors for your walls too. These may include greyish green, true green, violet, and blue.
  5. On the other hand, your oak floor may have some warm undertones instead. If this is the case, use warm colors for the wall. These include red, yellow, orange, and various combinations of these 3 colors.
  6. If possible, avoid pure white for your walls when you have lime wash oak for your floor. It may be a little too stark. However, lots of white paints come with small amounts of other pigments in either cool or warm colors. That should help you match that white paint with your particular oak color. Pair the cool undertone in the white paint with the oak floor with cool undertones, and the same rule applies to the warm undertones. If you use warm white with cool oak, the color of the wall may seem dirty and dull.
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