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Brown and Dark

The brown and dark oak collection exudes warmth and depth, giving any space a natural and earthy look and a sophisticated feel that supports the expression of your imagination. This palette is an all-time favourite with interior designers and home-owners alike because of its great versatility.

Brighton Bronze


Brushed Truffle

Brushed Truffle Herringbone



Coal Brown Black


Hanging Rock



Mornington Mist

Pine Needles


Warm Cocoa


With a naturally more Earthy feel and look, the Brown Palettes portray a certain softness and supporting tone that allows strong expression of imagination in selecting your soft furnishings and fittings when dressing your rooms.

A dark oak floor is a popular choice for many homeowners.

Dark oak flooring makes a home look more classy and sophisticated. But the problem is that some homeowners struggle to decorate their home to match their dark floors. To avoid making a costly mistake, here are some tips to consider when you have dark oak floors.

Interior Design Tips

  1. If you’re still looking for furniture and you want a few wood pieces, go for lighter shades. This helps prevent your tables and chairs from “disappearing” into your floors, and it also keeps the area from looking too heavy. Place beige or light grey rugs and paint your walls in neutral tones to create a really nice contrast.
  2. But what if you already have dark furniture? Well, you don’t have to get rid of them. What you may like to do instead is add lots of bright light-colored pieces throughout the room. And if possible, paint your walls in lighter tones. You can also accentuate the “natural” look of the dark oak floor by placing pots with large plants around the corners of the room or living area. You can also opt to add brown and green accents (in lighter hues) here and there to really give off an organic feel to the room.
  3. Don’t hesitate to include bright colored accessories. If you have a dark leather couch, for example, placing bright yellow throws can make the design more harmonious.
  4. Patterned rugs can also work wonders for a room with this kind of flooring. It provides a cozier feel, as it alleviates the formality that sometimes permeates a room like this. The dark floor with the patterned rug and rich colors all over the room will provide a very comfy and welcoming atmosphere for the space.
  5. In the kitchen, the dark oak floor can work too. This is especially true with engineered oak flooring, which can withstand the spills common in such areas. You can keep the atmosphere light and airy by picking very light colours for your cabinets and shelves. To complete the look, add wood accents along with some warm bronze metals for handles.
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