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The grey oak collection is quickly becoming the most sought after palette in Melbourne Oak Flooring. Grey-toned oak flooring can be both subtle and commanding at the same time in the same space, adding an elegant touch to every room. The grey oak collection’s strength is in its simple colour that can make any room look and feel light and airy.

French Grey

Grey Keasp

Lake Montauk

Lime Smoke


Mentone Bay

Pale Grey Herringbone

Ricketts Reef

Smokey Grey Kai

Sorrento Sandhill


Whisper Grey Herringbone

The Grey palette is quickly becoming the most sort after palette in Oak Flooring

Inspired by the Loft Style living of New York through to the Linen finishes of English Manor houses, and with a tip of the hat to French Provincial, Melbourne Oak Floors’ Grey tones and palettes, have proven time and again to be an elegant touch to all dècors.

Grey toned Oak flooring can be subtle and commanding at the same time, in the same room.

Interior Design Ideas for Grey Oak Flooring

The popularity of grey oak flooring has been on the rise in the past few years, and it’s especially in-demand now that monochrome colors are the trend. The simplicity of the color for oak floors is really attractive and at the same time, it helps make a room look and feel airy.

For quality grey oak flooring Melbourne homeowners and interior designers can get in touch with Melbourne Oak Floors whose oak flooring Oakleigh office provides many different options for you to choose from, including engineered oak flooring.

Interior Design Tips

  1. Grey is a neutral color so it works well with just about every other color you like. But since it’s not as commonplace as beige oak, it’s a great foundation for unusual or idiosyncratic interior designs. If, for example, you have grey oak floors and white walls, then you really need some dramatic colors in the room to achieve balance.
  2. If you’re still not decided on a color for your wall, you can use very quiet colors to balance the look. You can choose from very pale pink, pale yellow, honey, sage, and sand colors. You can use the trim as a transition element, using cream with a slight hint of gray. This you can use for your window trim and for the ceiling and floor molding.
  3. Some grey floors have a greenish undertone, so they tend to lean more to the cooler shades of the color spectrum. To balance this coolness, you may want to use warm colors for your other room elements. You can use shades of red, especially the ones that have been lightened by white or grey. To accentuate this, you can also add honey and gold accents to your décor. Sage is fantastic for walls.
  4. Other grey floors have a reddish cast to them, and such a floor goes well with cream and pink hues. The warmth of the pink will offset the cool grey nicely. Then you can add some sparkle to the room with some gold or honey in your accessories and furnishings. Another option here is salmon to balance the grey, with sky-blue or turquoise accents for accessories and fabrics,
  5. If you have slate grey oak flooring, you may notice a slight blue undertone. You can accentuate this with teal and cerulean for your walls. Then complement the blue with gold or yellow in your drapery and upholstery fabrics. You can add some warmth to the room by adding cocoa brown elements such as bronze tabletop pieces. Here and there, you can also put in some creamy white elements for a neutral touch.
  6. If the grey you’ve chosen is quite dark, add red to the room. This makes for a stylish urban theme for modern homes. Then you can accentuate this color scheme with black and white wall frames and wall art.
  7. If you’re looking to create a tranquil vibe for your room, then a light grey oak floor is the perfect choice. Add hints of sliver, beige, and cream colors throughout the room to further enhance the sense of calmness.
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