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Australian Species

Australia produces some very unique and highly sought after oak flooring options. The natural tones come in a huge range of colours depending on the species, but they all bring an essence of natural style and elegance. Along with the aesthetic and durability of this flooring, it is a great choice for those worried about sustainability as there are a number of reclaimed flooring options available.

Brown and Dark

The brown and dark oak collection exudes warmth and depth giving any space a natural and earthy look and a sophisticated feel that supports the expression of your imagination. This palette is an all-time favourite with interior designers and home-owners alike because of its great versatility.


The grey oak collection is quickly becoming the most sought after palette in Melbourne Oak Flooring. Grey-toned oak flooring can be both subtle and commanding at the same time in the same space, adding an elegant touch to every room. The grey oak collection’s strength is in its simple colour that can make any room look and feel light and airy.

Lime Washed

Our lime washed oak collection was inspired by sand swept beaches and coastal cliffs. The bleached and weathered appearance of the flooring is a timeless style, adding a touch of rugged elegance to urban and coastal homes alike.

Neutral Natural

The natural and neutral oak collection is the pinnacle of traditional-style oak flooring, a timeless aesthetic that embraces the authentic tone and grain patterns of the wood to make any space more elegant. Traditional oak flooring captures the essence of the ballrooms and banquet halls of French Castles and Chateaus from hundreds of years ago and brings that elegance into modern living. It is a versatile palette that can be enhanced with neutral oil to have a minimal, raw look, or finished to just about any specification with assistance from the world’s leading Coating and Finishing Company, WOCA®, to turn your oak flooring into your personal masterpiece.


Parquet flooring is a timeless, elegant flooring option. Pieces of wood are arranged in a geometric pattern, such as herringbone or chevron, repeating across the entire space.