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Options for Installing Engineered Oak Flooring

At Timber Flooring King, we have over 15 years of experience in the flooring market. We provide quality, long-lasting products along with custom installation of all our flooring products, guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

The key to the long-term success of the engineered oak flooring in your home is the quality of the timber we provide along with a proper installation.

With the oak flooring we provide, we offer a wide array of options for installing the flooring in your home. We begin by measuring the room so that you have a custom and complete fit regardless of size. We make sure the floor is level so you can avoid uneven spots or the possibility of the flooring becoming displaced after the installation.

We then clean your floor and install the underlay precisely in the desired room to give the flooring stability and to avoid further imbalances in the future. After this, we carefully lay the oak flooring using spacers against the wall to ensure it is going to be a precise fit for the room and a good fit for the home. We can guarantee that all of our tongue and grooves will be aligned in place, extremely even, and fit snug in the room of your choosing.

We ensure the joints are staggered properly so you can experience a proper, hassle-free, fit the first time around, that has an impressive and professional design and look. Our installers are trained to perform quality control, check measurements, and carefully install your oak flooring. This way you can avoid any issues with your new flooring, that you may have to address on your own or have any other installation problem, which would be covered under our 10 year warranty.

After a proper installation, you can expect the engineered oak flooring to last in your home and avoid any problems that an irregular sub-floor can create from an improper installation.

Our engineered oak flooring is built to be more stable and durable than the traditional engineered oak floors. We use solid, durable, strong material that’s resistant to swelling and shrinking and provides an affordable, quality, and professional appearance to any room in your household.

At Timber Flooring King, we are confident in any installation option you choose and we abide by our top quality customer service along with a long-lasting product.

The experience you receive with us will be nothing short of exceptional, and we are more than willing to give you a free quote and speak with our flooring experts.

We distribute for the world’s major manufacturers straight to your door. Give us a call today!

All About Engineered Oak Flooring
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